Southwest Florida Disaster Medical Team



When disaster strikes we're

"ready for the call"

What is a disaster medical team?

Since 9-11, many healthcare professionals have asked, "What can I do to help my community or other communities?" We are a Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team (FL-2 DMAT), and a Florida State Medical Response Team, Region 6 (SMRT-6/MRC) operating under the Department of Health and Human Services. We provide care to the sick and injured during a disaster. A DMAT team is responsible for the triage and stabilization of patients at a disaster site, and provides basic medical services at transfer points and during transportation to definitive care sites. To learn more about DMATs, check out various areas of this website.


Who we are

Based in Southwest Florida, we are a team of volunteer medical professionals and support staff who provide medical care when activated by the federal government as FL-2 DMAT or the State of Florida as SMRT-6.

We can be deployed in an emergency or disaster to anywhere within the United States or its possessions or the state of Florida for a state deployment. Conditions can be very austere at times. DMAT teams have been deployed to the nation of Haiti in 2010, so international deployments are also now a possibility. It would be helpful to have a valid passport.


This is not full-time or part-time employment; this is an intermittent position with the federal/state government that will be paid only if you are officially deployed. There are no benefits.

You must be an American citizen to be accepted on the team. In addition, you cannot be a present federal government employee (such as the military, military reserves, or the VA) when joining the federal team.


How we work

Team employees are prepared to live and work in austere conditions, from tents when necessary, and have learned the art of field living through their drills and exercises. Team employees bring with them a wide diversity of knowledge and abilities in the medical and logistical fields. Teamwork and following the chain of command according to the Incident Command System (ICS) are important parts of each and every deployment.




Things to know about the hiring process


SMRT-6/MRC is accepting applicants who are Florida licensed/certified in the following occupations: MD (prefer Emergency and Family Practice), RN, PA, EMT-P, and EMT. Support positions are also available in logistics, communications, and administration.


If interested in joining SMRT-6/MRC, please contact promos0650@aol.com


NDMS has suspended all hiring for all federal DMAT teams until further notice. When hiring resumes in the future, it will be noted here and postings will be listed monthly on the federal government's website, USAJobs, which is the only method through which someone can join the team.


It is now mandatory to have the latest iterations of the following ICS courses completed before you seek application to join the federal team: ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 700, ICS 800. These courses are required to be completed BEFORE you can be hired by the team. The courses are free and available from the FEMA website (see column at right).


Please Note: All DMAT employees must pass the federal government's employment application process and security clearance before they can be deployed with the team. We cannot accept "last minute volunteers" who wish to be deployed with the team at the time of a disaster.




Important Information




The October 2016 team meeting has been cancelled.


The next scheduled meeting is at 7pm on Monday, November 14, 2016 at Lee Memorial Hospital 1st floor board room. To offer a conference call line to our members, we have been given the opportunity to hold our meetings at Lee Memorial Hospital in the 1st floor boardroom. It has a nice large round table and extra chairs around the room. It has projection ability so we can continue to offer presentations. Included is the nice conference call ability.


We realize that there are so many members living hours away from our team meeting location and that you might be missing out on the information or the camaraderie. BUT we still want those of you who live nearby and have been attending the meetings face to face to continue to do so. The conf call line is provided for times when you are out of the area (i.e. vacations) or ill at home and wish not to share your cold/flu.


The new team meeting location is:


Lee Memorial Hospital

2776 Cleveland Ave (aka US 41)

Ft Myers- 33901

1st floor Board room


If you cannot make the meeting, you can still find out all the information by calling into the conference call line at:


Toll Free 866-700-5339

Pass Code: 4704596#

you will then be asked to state your name and hit #


Parking instructions:


Suggest for now you park in the public parking located near the Auditorium (close to the ED). No !! you cannot enter the auditorium door. Go to the main entrance to the left of the auditorium.


LMH is part of the Fast Pass security system. You will need to enter the main lobby door. Please bring your DL. You will be entered into the system- a photo taken and provided with a sticky badge to wear that night. Each time you attend a meeting you will do the same process but since you will already be in the system it will be quicker. Depending on what time our meeting ends will depend on what door we can exist. May be the main lobby or the ED.


How do I find the boardroom??


After receiving your Fast Pass sticker walk to the main hall- it T’s- go left- the room is across from the Cafeteria and I will post a sign. Yes you can stop at the Café for food or drinks- the Coffee Shop is a favorite.



Hope to see everyone there!!



Future meetings are scheduled for the following Mondays (subject to change or cancellation):





October 10 - CANCELLED


November 14


December 12


Any changes in time, place, or date will be communicated via email and posted here.



2016 On Call Months







Remember to inform your employer of your on-call months so they can plan accordingly.


Additional Information

*****The 2014 Distinguished FL-2 DMAT Member of the Year is Amy Hutto!!!*****


ICS Training Website


For prospective new members, the courses you will need to have completed prior to your initial application are the latest iterations of:







These courses are online, free, and located on FEMA's Emergency Management Institute website at:



Check out the new U-tube video of NDMS teams helping out on Long Island after Hurricane Sandy. It's in the Links Section.



Uniform name tapes can be ordered from:


Uniform NameTape Co

5701 S Dale Mabry Hwy

Tampa, FL 33611





The nametapes are $2.00 each without velcro & $3.50 with velcro.


Please remember that our uniforms are khaki, and that the name must be in BLACK lettering, not brown.


Check out the equipment section to see what you might consider taking with you if we are deployed.

And be sure your employer is aware of the possibility of deployment before each of the team's on call months.